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Juice, juice, juice. And then more juice!


Well good morning! Aside from my morning juice and the water I am perpetually sipping, I’m writing to you on an empty stomach. The last food I ate was on Saturday evening. Why, you ask? Because I’m doing a juice cleanse! For each of the five days I’m on this cleanse (Sunday til Thursday) I’ll have about 96oz of fresh vegetable and fruit  juices, lots of water, and no food. My mama and my good friend Lauren are doing it with me so at least I have support!

My wonderful friend Brian is on his 70-something day of a just juice fast. Yeah, that’s right, no solid food for over 70 days. He says he feels amazing. And he’s lost almost 60 pounds so he’s looking amazing too. He was certainly my inspiration in doing this. I’m not in it to lose weight because I feel fine where I am but all of the other benefits of a juice cleanse really make it worth doing. Plus sometimes I just like to test my will power.

Right about now (or maybe even during the first paragraph) you’re probably thinking I’ve gone a little crazy. I get that. It’s hard to imagine just not eating. So to ease your “JJ has gone crazy” thoughts, I’ve made a list of a few of the key benefits of a juice fast:

  • Recharge your metabolism
  • Boost your digestive and immune systems
  • Revitalize, detoxify, and energize your body
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Weight loss

I’m  not really going into great detail about all of the benefits but when I was researching juice cleanses I found this really informative post about it online. Definitely read it! After you finish reading this, of course.

In my quest to find the most delicious juices, I’ve discovered the perfect summertime juice. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and it makes you want to come back for more (even if you can eat real food!). I call it the minty cucumelon and it’s pink!

For this juice, you’ll need a few cups of cut up watermelon, one cucumber, and however many mint leaves you like. Throw them all in your juicer and deliciousness comes out.

Even the boyfriend liked it, which means you should try it :)


When life gives you something squishy…


…juice that sucker!

Life gave me a squishy cantaloupe. GROSS. I’d like to say I wasn’t pissed about it but that’s just not true. Who do I look like, the Dalai Lama? Who likes going to the store to buy a melon of any sort only to get home, cut it open, and find it’s too ripe to eat. It’s like cutting a tomato for a sandwich only to find that its all grainy and squishy inside. The good news about either of those pieces of produce is that they can still be used for juicing. Woooo, the silver lining appears! I even read an article about a study that found that the more ripe a fruit is the more loaded with antioxidants it is. I’m really not making that up. See, read. I’d give you the link to the actual study but I’m pretty sure it’s in German.

Aside from the increased antioxidants in super ripe cantaloupe [can-ta-loo-pay (like Guadalupe) in my mind], the ready to eat fruit still has some really amazing benefits. Some even consider cantaloupes to be one of the healthiest fruits. Yes, they have a good amount of sugar in them but they also have Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotene, folate, potassium, and B vitamins. The American Cancer Society even recommends eating melons for their ability to fight certain cancers. Fighting potential cancer with a cantaloupe sounds like my kind of war. That’s right on up there with having a glass of red wine to help keep your heart healthy.

Now, I imagine that if you don’t like cantaloupe, you’d hate this juice. But I love cantaloupe so I really enjoyed it. It’s really delicious and refreshing on its own but just for kicks I added an orange to the juice you see on the left there. It was delicious too. So next time you buy a too-ripe fruit, remember that you should only stay mad for 2.5 seconds and then you must go find your juicer. Cheers!

Calling all juice virgins, calling all juice virgins!


Remember when I said I’d post a juice recipe specifically for you beginner juicing babies? This is for you.

This juice is so fun. I call it the carrot-apple-ging spritz and I drink it out of a champagne flute. While carrot juice will never (and let’s be honest, should never) replace champagne, it’s so fun to drink this spritzer from a fancy glass. It’s like instant happy hour. Except it’s healthy. An instant happy-healthy hour, if you will.

These are the things you’ll need:

  • 4 large carrots, peeled
  • 1 large apple or 2 small-ish apples
  • 1 inch of peeled ginger (you can use less if it’s too spicy for you, it’s YOUR juice)
  • a splash or two of sparkling mineral water (again, however much you like)
The instructions for juicing are pretty simple and it rarely changes. Basically you just wash your produce, cut them if necessary, and push everything through your juicer. For this recipe, after everything has made it through your juicer, top it off with a splash of sparkling mineral water. You’ll find that this last step really lifts a flat feeling juice up to a new level. Even juice need to be encouraged to sparkle sometimes.
If you live here in CT and don’t have a juicer but you wanna find out if you might like it, there are a few local places that do the juicing for you. You could try Edge of the Woods where they juice pretty much anything you might want. Or green well, on Crown Street, has a daily juice (my good friend, Lauren, blogs about their most recent one here). If you make a trip to green well, give me a call, I wanna come with! If you live a little farther west of New Haven, Whole Foods in Westport has a juice bar too.
Regardless of where you get your juice, the last step, as usual, is to enjoy what you’ve made. You can take notes from me if you wish.



As a gift to you for following the blog, I present this picture to you to use if you’re in need of blackmail materials against me. If there were a health food super hero, she’d use carrots as claws. It’s a fact.