I love many things. Among the many things I love are cooking, eating, pretty pictures, juicing, yoga, and gardening. I also greatly enjoy watching my amazing boyfriend, AC, claim he doesn’t like the delicious and healthy things I cook while he enthusiastically makes a happy plate. He loves the things I cook, green or not, and since he lived off of pizza and chicken strips before we started dating I take great pride in that. This blog is the result of those hobbies and/or obsessions so in it, I’ll include pictures and posts regarding the following things:

  • Farmers’ Markets- There are some amazing farmers’ markets here in Connecticut. I’m lucky to be able to attend at least 2 or 3 markets a week because of my job. Among my favorites are the CitySeed markets here in New Haven and the Coventry market in Coventry, CT. The Coventry market is especially fun. If it weren’t for all the fruits and veggies around you wouldn’t even know you were at a farmers’ market!
  • CSAs– This year my lovely friend and I did a little research and decided to be a part of CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and you can read more about it here. We chose to buy a CSA share with Stone Gardens Farm because they’re local and because we can pick up our share every single Saturday for 22 weeks straight at the farmers’ market that’s located approximately 2 miles from where we live. The convenience wasn’t lost on us. I’ll show you every week what fruits and veg I picked up and lots of my recipes from that week will revolve around, or at least include, those things.
  • My tiny baby garden- History has shown that some amazing and famous people were gardeners or farmers. George Washington, Eli Whitney, good ole John Deere, and those two people in the American Gothic painting. Maybe in a past life I was a farmer. Who knows. Some people like cultivating minds or curiosity but I like to keep it simple and cultivate things that make my body and my taste buds very happy. This blog will follow the successes and failures of my tiny baby garden.
  • Recipes and Cooking- I adore cooking. I’ve been doing it since I could stand on a chair by the kitchen counter with my mom and dad. I owe them greatly for not shooing me out of the kitchen and instead, encouraging me to grow in my passion and embrace that it’s what I’m meant to do. I’ll share with you recipes that I love, cookbooks that I read like novels, and how to cook different vegetables. Don’t know how to prep leeks? No problem. Don’t even know what bok choy is? I gotcha.
  • Juicing – I love juicing. Some people wake up in the mornings and crave a cigarette (yuck). I wake up in the mornings and I crave my green juice. The benefits of liquefying your veggies seem endless which really works in my favor since this is a blog and I have to actually write things to keep it going. So to my juices, I thank you for giving me extra goodness (and recipes!) to write about.
  • Random things that grow a healthy mind and body- Yoga is amazing. I love it, I crave it, I need it. I work a few hours a week in a local yoga studio to earn free yoga classes and it’s more than worth my time. If you’re not there already, get on the mat! I also love running, playing around in beautiful East Rock Park, and basking in the sun on our deck. I’ll probably throw in a few posts about these beauties from time to time.

So welcome. Welcome to my blog.


And PS – Comments are always encouraged!


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  1. Everything that has come out of the garden has been delicious. I even ate eggplant lasagna. That is saying something coming from me.

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