Wine Down


One of my favorite things about Connecticut is that there are quite a few wineries here. As much as I love and miss South Carolina, wineries are something we just don’t really have there. Last weekend I went with my good friends, Lauren and Kate, on an impromptu trip to a winery near us in Wallingford, CT. Sometimes you just need to take a couple of hours to wind down and reset yourself, which is exactly what we did. I really don’t have much to say in this post but I got a few really beautiful pictures while we were there. Since I don’t have time to write a thousand words anyway, they’ll probably describe our visit better than I could :)

Who needs Instagram when God gives you this:

Future wine grapes:

As you must know by now, I like all things baby. So naturally I have a picture of baby grape buds:

While we were enjoying our wine a storm was rolling in. At the bottom of this picture, above the ridge line, you can see the rain darkening the horizon. Cool, huh?

And last, but farthest from least, the reason why mini trips like this are more than worth it:

Happy Wednesday :)


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