The community garden gets a dose of botox!


And a spray tan. Shoot, and a boob job. It looks goooood!

Yesterday, Chris Randall, who works with the New Haven Land Trust, told me that a volunteer project he had set up for a group of seniors from Hopkins School here in New Haven fell through. He asked if I might have enough work to keep them busy in the Grand Acres Community Garden today, which is the urban garden that I’m the coordinator of. I, of course, said yes. Enthusiastically I might add. 10-15 extra sets of hands are always extremely appreciated and it’s awesome to have help working on projects that make the garden look even better than it already is. I maayyy have made the executive decision not to go into work today so I could work all day in the garden too. Oh well. Sorry I’m not sorry :)

Just so you have a point of reference, that’s a picture of the garden before the day started. Yes, a liiiiittle messy. So anyway, the first thing I did this morning was drive to Home Depot to pick out new paint colors for the shed. I’d been looking forward to this for months. Why, you ask? This is why:

Certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing shed I’ve ever seen. That picture doesn’t even begin to cover the graffiti on the back. I guess when I said urban garden, I really meant urban garden! So that was one of the first (and biggest) cosmetic procedures endured by Grand Acres today. Here’s the after shot.

SO much better, right!? Just having hands on that project would have been super helpful. But we didn’t stop there baby, no we didn’t. Some strong young lads also cleared all of the weeds and grass that had grown in our hoop house. The good news is our hoop house really does its job. The bad news is that if you don’t pull the weeds every now and then you get a forest of grass, which is what we had. Now we have a cleared out, usable hoop house. See?

That’s Chris there, taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. And you might notice that I was standing on DIRT in the hoop house. So nice. While some were painting the shed and cleaning out the hoop house, others were weeding a flower box by the street. They arranged and planted some colorful annuals that I’m sure passersby will enjoy. You passersby better enjoy them! This isn’t a picture of that flower box but I thought you might enjoy these flowers, also from the garden.

During all of these various projects students were cutting grass, weed eating where the mower wouldn’t fit, and piling weeds into lawn bags. This is the finished product:

I can officially say it looks amazingHUGE thanks to the seniors at Hopkins School who helped out in the garden today and also to Chris, who worked to arrange the volunteer day for Grand Acres. Stop by our garden sometime, I’d be more than happy to give you a little tour.


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