Play dress up with your food.


Nooo, I’m not talking about buying weird outfits for your tomatoes or putting a wig on your cantaloupe. That’s just bizarre. I’m talking about edible flowers. See, look how beautiful these are.


Incorporating flowers, like these chive blossoms, into your food is a pretty simple way to take your dish to the next level. Pick them fresh if you can (the newest blossoms taste best), give them a little rinse, remove the stem from the center, and separate the florets. They’re perfect sprinkled over a salad. By the way, the yellow flowers are arugula blossoms. You can eat those spicy little babies, too!


Be sure that whatever flowers you choose were grown organically regardless of who grew them. I can’t imagine pesticides or herbicides being tasty on your flowers. I prefer salt and pepper. And warning, NOT all flowers are edible. I repeat, not all flowers are edible! Do a little research first but for future reference, these are a few examples of flowers that are edible: pansies, honeysuckle, chamomile, day lilies, squash blossoms, and lots of herb blossoms. Yum. Have fun with your food! It’s meant to look as delicious as it tastes.

PS – These chive blossoms currently reside in my garden. I have quite an abundance of them so if you need to impress a date or the in laws I’ll save a few for you :)


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